Time to ask the people again on Brexit

As I write this Theresa May has collided with reality.

In November she put her draft Brexit Withdrawal Agreement to Parliament.

This is immensely frustrating. It took legal action to get a ‘meaningful vote’ for MPs on the Government’s Brexit plans and even then it was on the withdrawal process and did not cover the final trade arrangements or when they might be in place, so it was not as ‘meaningful’ as MPs had expected. Her proposals would have created a limbo period of further uncertainty and deserved to be thrown out of parliament.

The Prime Minister is hostage to the most extreme Brexit elements in her Party and should face them down. They did not have the 48 letters from MPs to end her tenure and they do not represent a majority in the Commons or country.

But she portrayed the scenario as her plans or No Deal.

We now know this preposterous threat was empty as the European Court of Justice has ruled that the UK has the right to revoke Article 50 at any point – including the day before leaving the EU if no deal is reached. The Government must stop trying to threaten Parliament and the country.

The Prime Minister claims she is now seeking an addendum to her plans, almost entirely regarding the ‘backstop’. Frankly, I am sick of this Brexit deceit. We know the 2016 referendum was steeped in lies on buses, Russian influence, illegal overspending and ongoing criminal investigations. But the deceit continues in ignoring the jobs being lost, investment being delayed or spent elsewhere and the companies already shifting offices and more to other EU member states. The deceit that the UK can survive on WTO rules is wholly irresponsible and the Government’s own analysis shows the potential damage to our economy of all options May claims to have examined.

Voters deserve to be told the hard truth:

  1. there is no pot of gold at the end of the Brexit rainbow;
  2. the unicorns promised by Leave advocates cannot be delivered;
  3. Father Brexmas is not real and cannot grant May’s wish list; and
  4. the best deal for the UK is full membership of a reformed EU.

Through revoking Article 50 and delivering a new People’s Vote with the utmost involvement of individuals, businesses and organisations across Southwark and the whole country, we can. A whopping thirteen million people did not vote at all in 2016 and the 16 year olds denied a vote then are already 18. All published polling shows a shift towards Remain in all parts of the UK, including here in Southwark from the 73% in the referendum to a massive 80% now.

I hope I’ve played my part in that shift and that I have represented the overwhelming views of the individual constituents and businesses I have met when I have opposed Brexit in Parliament, including breaking the Labour whip to vote against triggering Article 50 which we can all now see was vastly premature by the Government. I will continue to put Southwark first in all my parliamentary and constituency work. If you have any questions, would like more information, if you’d like to meet or need my help with any issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Christmas
and all the best for 2019!